Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Hannah (Beanie)

I was almost 2 months old and sick and lost outside.  A lady found me crying under a bush. I don’t even remember how I got there and none of her neighbors knew me either. Her daughters and husband were allergic to cats so she called a rescue group and they posted my picture on Facebook. That’s where my mom saw me and thought I’d be a great friend for Olivia, from yesterday’s post, since we are exactly the same age.  First stop was the Vet, where I got medicines for pink eye and a cold.  When I was better I got to meet Olivia (Beeb) but she didn’t want a sister. That led to the adoption of Bella, but that will be the next story. 

The family that found me called me Bean. My new family named me Hannah but Bean seemed to stick. I’m all soft and floppy, like a Beanie Baby. I’m a chocolate point Ragdoll and I may look elegant but I’m really playful. I like to chase cats and pounce toys and play play play!  When it’s time to sleep I like nothing better than to cuddle with one of my new brothers, especially Fluff or Tyler.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021


 My story doesn’t start with me. My people rescued a kitten with very serious injuries and named him Oliver. They took him right to the vet and were making a plan for his treatment when little Oliver got called to the Rainbow Bridge. At the same time I was 1 month old and crying all alone in a box, abandoned at a school.  Oliver heard me and told me he’d arrange for me to be with the family that was so sad because he left them. The next morning the mom got a text from a person she’d never met asking if she’d be interested in raising a bottle baby (me). Everybody got in the car and went right out to pick me up, and that’s how they got me from their friend’s friend’s mom’s sister’s co-worker’s mom.  Dunno how Oliver arranged that weird chain of events, but he did and I was named Olivia. 

Life was good.  Melanie was home from college and bottle fed me and treated me like a little princess. I was in her room all the time - just me and her and the door was closed. Sometimes the mom and Kelly came in to play with me too.  One day I was bigger and they thought I should see the rest of the house. I didn’t know there was more stuff behind the door but I went out to see... DO YOU KNOW WHAT I SAW? DO YOU? CATS!  LOTS OF BIG CATS! I THOUGHT I WAS AN ONLY CHILD. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY? WHY SO MANY CAAAAAAATS? I was pretty annoyed let me tell you! They were BIG cats and I was SCARED of them and especially that Tortie who wanted to chase me. The people thought maybe my problem was I would rather have a friend my own age, so they brought in Beanie. Nope. They don’t understaaaaaaaaaand.  I want LESS cats, not MORE cats. Anyway, Beanie can tell you about herself tomorrow. Today is still about me.  Melanie started calling me Beebo and the mom called me BB and now I’m usually just Beeb.  I’m Siamese and I’m almost 4 years old.  It’s nice to meet you. If you’re a human please pet me.  If you’re a cat please don’t come live with us. We’re full.  No vacancy. Thank you.

Monday, April 19, 2021


 You know Mini and Fluff from a couple posts ago? The feral calico that was their mother was also my mother, but I’m 2 years younger and I had no littermates. 

When Tyler was a kitten none of the big cats would play with him so the people here thought it would be a good idea to adopt me as a friend for him.  I was a feral 2 month old kitten and wasn’t consulted about this plan.  I bit them.  I hissed at them.  I was NOT pleased.  They named me Marty McHiss. It’s been 5 1/2 years since I was captured and I now see that people have their uses, but I’m still not fond of them.  However, I LOVE cats and this place is full of them!

Sunday, April 18, 2021


 So one day when I was 2 months old a kid brought me to her high school and took me to all her classes. Her mom had said she couldn’t keep me and needed to find me a new home. One of her teachers was Amanda. Amanda said I could stay in her room for a while and she would call for help.  She called her mom (Karen) and Karen called her daughter (Kelly) and asked Kelly to walk over to the school with a cat carrier and pick me up and that’s how I came to live here.  There were 6 big cats in the house and none of them really wanted to bother with me.  That’s okay cuz I had more time to bond with my new person, Kelly.  She named me Tyler but she usually calls me Bubba. 

After a few months of being the only kitten, the people decided to get me a brother my age, but that’s a story for next time.  I’m 6 now and my favorite things are eating, cuddling and sleeping. 
If you haven’t already met Midnight, Cocoa, Fluff & Mini you can see them in the previous posts.  Next you’ll meet Marty, Olivia, Beanie, Bella and Phantom.  

Friday, April 16, 2021


 I'm Mini.  Except that I'm not mini.  I'm kinda average in size, but extra large in personality.  I guess I'm mini compared to my brother Fluff, who you met in the last post.  He's a bit of a chonk.  I'm "the funny looking brown one" that our mom's mother referred to when she called to ask if our people could come catch us.  I'm NOT funny looking and I'm NOT brown.  I'm a magnificent Tortie, as you can see.

Have you heard all the good things about torties?  They're all true.  Have you heard all the bad things about torties?  Also true.  My goal is to rule the world someday, but right now I'm just working on this one household.  I purr loudly, I complain loudly, I demand what I want when I want it and if someone else has it, I take it.

Monday, April 12, 2021


I'm Marshmallow Von Fluffington, but you can call me Fluff.  My sister Mini and I were captured from the backyard of our mom's mom when we were babies in 2013.  The mom's mom called and said that the feral calico she'd been feeding had the cutest kitten she'd ever seen (me) plus a funny looking brown one (my sister, who is NOT funny looking) and she wanted someone to come capture us because our kitty mom had just taught us to eat real foods.  Our people went right over and grabbed us.  We were a little hissy and scared for a few hours, but they put us in a room with Rascal and everything was okay.  Rascal was an adult boy cat who loved kittens and we loved him.  Now I enjoy the indoor only life and I'm constantly searching for cuddles.  My fur is really soft and has magical static cling properties and will stick to your clothes and your furniture and your face and then it will fly around in the air and find more things to stick to.  


Friday, April 9, 2021

Happy Birthday to Marg!

 Wishing Marg the happiest of birthdays! We remember visiting Marg and her many wonderful animals years ago when we had our first blog and we always admired her for all that she did. 

Hannah (Beanie)

I was almost 2 months old and sick and lost outside.  A lady found me crying under a bush. I don’t even remember how I got there and none of...